Michael Guest

Writer, editor and indie publisher, former tenured professor at a national Japanese university, Shizuoka University. I’ve taught at three Australian universities, Sydney, Macquarie and Wollongong, as well as Japanese business college.  Areas I’ve lectured in include Literature, Drama and Theatre, Film, Arts Journalism, Media and Communication Studies, Popular Culture, Business English; and Human Resource Management and Strategic Business Studies. I hold a PhD from the University of Sydney, with a specialization in modern literature and critical theory.

My editing includes my own recent Tatami Days: Getting a Life in Japan (2018; 2020), and Sylvanus Cobb, Jr., The Knight’s Motto (1892; Vanishing Literature Series, 2020), both published by Furin Chime; and Essentially Oriental: Selected Writings of R.H. Blyth (Tokyo: Hokuseido, 1994), in collaboration with Professor Kuniyoshi Munakata, Leader of the Noh Shakespeare Group of Japan,  celebrated for Noh realizations such as Noh Hamlet.

I worked as honorary Editor and Chief Editor of an academic journal, Studies in Information, published in English and Japanese by Shizuoka University Faculty of Informatics. As a freelance editor, I have helped several writers develop books and research papers.

I have written many articles and reviews in media and academic publications such as the Australian newspaper, Australian Book Review, Australian Society, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (The Deep End, Radio National), Education About Asia (Univ. Michigan),  Persimmon: Asian Literature, Arts and Culture (New York), Samuel Beckett Today (Amsterdam and New York), the international Journal of Beckett Studies , Beckett Circle [PDF download, U Antwerp, ‘Beckett in Sydney‘] , and Studies in English Literature (English Literary Society of Japan). 

Several of my academic and media articles are available at my ResearchGate profile researchgate.net/profile/Michael_Guest. Selection here at JSTOR. My Amazon author page is amazon.com/author/michaelguest

Michael Guest, PhD

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